Man Utd vs. Watford

Tomorrow morning at 7am (EST) Manchester United will be back on the field after 2 straight loses. Jose Mourinho needs to come out with a win. On Thursday (September 15) Jose chose a team with 8 different changes from the Manchester Derby on Sunday (September 10). United didn’t look ready for the game and lost possession numerous times throughout the game. Rojo and Darmian were awful on their debuts. Pogba was trying too hard yet again, in a midfield that was woeful. This is what happens when he plays in a 4-3-2-1 formation, that Mourinho won’t deviate from. I want to see us go to a 4-3-3 and see how much better Pogba plays. The front wasn’t much better, poor Rashford was triple teamed the entire first half. Martial needs to snap out of whatever he’s in and play. Where’s that fire, fun, and enjoyment lad we saw last year? United need him back. Maybe he’s still mad about losing his number 9.

United come back to the Premier League tomorrow since the Derby loss and the Feyenoord lose. Watford comes off a win and will be hoping to continue that trend. Will United be up to the task to get those 3 points? Or will they fall further down the table? We will soon find out!

Live streaming on NBCSports or NBCSports channel at 7am (EST).

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