Post United vs. Watford 

Well, United got their third straight loss since Mourinho took over. It was an embarrassing display of football. United continue to give the ball away and Rooney being Rooney was just slow, and had terrible first touches. His passes were awful, he had no shots on goal and playing in the midfield is slowing out attack down.

Fellaini was back it again, with the unnecessary fouls and doesn’t do Pogba any justice as his midfield partner. You need a guy like Carrick or Herrera in there. And for Christ sake, play Pogba in his natural position.

Mourinho torched Shaw in his post-match press conference, but I didn’t think that was right. Ya, he made a mistake which led to a goal but did he see how everyone else played?! Cmon now.

Rashford was literally the only one who did anything productive on the pitch and he continues to be the United star. So much for big money success right? Granted this was only the fifth domestic game but something needs to change.

Martial continues his woes and got hurt. Hoping he makes a quick recovery and then gets the confidence back he needs to be successful.

Woeful-Rooney, what else is there to say about the man. He used to be a United great, but now, he’s just a liability. He needs to sit the bench, at least for a few games and understand he’s not untouchable. Mourinho needs to grow a pair and do this quickly.

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