COD: WWII First Impressions

My first impressions of the game weren’t great. I went into it with an open mind since I hadn’t really played a Call of Duty game since Advanced Warfare, which came out nearly 3 years ago. I played Advanced Warfare for a little but couldn’t get into it. The last Call of Duty game that really had my interest was Black Ops 2. Black Ops 3, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare were just different and not in a good way. The gameplay was weird and the “Call of Duty” gameplay was just gone.

So, since the franchise decided to go back to WWII I decided to pre-order the game from Amazon (which you can do too right here) and receive a beta code to try it out. I quickly entered my code in and it starts to download. I let it sit overnight so it could download overnight. The next morning I grabbed a nice hot cup of coffee and tried it out. I also streamed my experience, which can be found here. (Probably should have played a little first before streaming, but oh well, you get to see what it’s like to start off as a level 1).

My first thoughts were hmmm this kinda reminds me of Battlefield but with worse graphics and gameplay mechanics. After a few games and trying different classes and guns I started to ya know, get kills and understand the flow of the game modes (which there are 5 in the beta). The game modes are all fast paced and need to be polished up. I felt like I could never really sit in one place for more than 2 seconds without an enemy coming around a corner or near me trying to kill me. The maps are small and it’s only really 5 v 5 or 6 v 6 so you’re bound to see an enemy quickly. I’m not a fan of that kind of gameplay or the small maps. That’s why I stopped playing Call of Duty and switched to Battlefield. But anyway, the weapons are decent I suppose, nothing special. The recoil is awful and the amount of headshots is almost as bad as Rainbow Six: Siege. Another thing that kills me about Call of Duty is how many times you get killed from behind. That and random spawning is the most frustrating thing about the Call of Duty franchise. With small maps it’s hard not to deal with that though.

After playing more than an hour, I’m still not a fan of the franchise. I like how they went back to WWII and could see the potential in the game but right now it’s just not there. Granted, it’s a beta and these things can be worked out and fixed so I’m not pushing it away yet. I will still go ahead with the pre-order and continue playing the beta until it closes. Check out my steam below if you want (ya I’m awful haha).

If you want to play online, my PSN is-calhoun5.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them below, you don’t need to sign up for WordPress to comment! Please share if you liked it as well!

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