My New Modem & Router

In August I started to notice my router would randomly kick me off the network and reset itself. Last month I finally had it, I decided to get a new router. Fortunately, I did buy an extended warranty (which I usually never do, but I just felt like the extra $8 could come in handy). So I went to and filed a claim. Within two days of shipping the router out, I received my refund. It was a simple process.

Since I had to ship my router out, I decided to buy a router beforehand so I didn’t go without internet (it was the second to last of classes, so it was kind of essential). So I did some research and decided to go with the Linksys AC1750 MU-MIMO router. I also decided to get a new modem, since the one I was using was a router/modem combo, and I’m just not a fan of those. I feel that the performance isn’t as good as a dedicated modem,  so I purchased an Arris SB6183 surfboard modem.

The setup process for both the modem and the router was straightforward even after changing a lot of router settings.

The only part that took forever was when I had to call Spectrum. I had to call Spectrum so they could change my equipment serial number for me on my modem. This was the most lengthy part of the process. It nearly took an hour on the phone for my modem to final work.

Below is a quick little setup video I put together. Sorry, it’s not full screen 😦

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