I got dbrand skins!

So last weekend I ordered some dbrand skins to make some of my devices look less boring (I wanted to change things up). It took about 3-4 days for them to come in and I finally I received them in the mail this weekend!

I ordered a Red Dragon skin for my iPhone 7 Plus and a Black Dragon skin for my 9.7″ iPad Pro. I only put the Red Dragon skin on my iPhone but I do have a few pictures to show ya! Note, that the iPhone skins come with 2 backs, 1 precision fit skin and 1 normal skin. Not sure if all phones are like that but the iPhones definitely are. I’d recommend checking out their how to page if you’re unsure. How to-dbrand.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite skins are, if you like dbrand or whatever else you use!

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New memory card for the Nintendo Switch

What’s up everyone!

Today I finally received the 128GB microSD by SanDisk in the mail. I didn’t really need one but I figured I should buy one since it was so cheap on Amazon. I bought it for around $39 and at that price, I couldn’t pass it up.

I haven’t downloaded many games on the Switch so far, but just having the memory card installed and ready to go is nice.

The link to buy the card is below!

SanDisk SD card-Amazon link

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Home Media Server Part 1

What is up everyone!

So I finally decided that it’s time to create my own home server. Yes, I have created home servers and servers in general in the past but that was mostly for school and learning purposes. I want to create a server to store all me media on.

How to go about it?

There are a few ways to go about a server. I am not buying a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device or plugging an external drive to my router since I will be using an older MacBook Pro. You can get away with doing either one of those options, preferably using a NAS, but I don’t want to buy extra things when I have everything I need already in my house. Or, you can use software like Ubuntu Server and run that on an old computer as well. I will be using Plex so I don’t have to run any other software.I’m not going to go over the pros and cons of a home server, just that I will be using it to store all my music, movies, and tv shows on. I can add other things to it too but those are the 3 categories I really want to have on my server for right now.

To do this project, I am going to be using Plex. Plex is great because it basically does all the dirty work for you, all you have to do is have Plex server running (this is where a NAS or an old computer comes into play) and tell Plex where all the files are located at. I am using an 8 TB Seagate external drive to store all my data but I will be buying another very soon so I have a back up of all my content. I’ll have the main 8TB drive plugged into my old MacBook Pro and when I get the other one, I’ll have that plugged into my main pc to run backups of the media drive and my computer (is a win-win)!

I will post this process into multiple steps so make sure you come back and check out the other steps and/or check out my other blogs about video games and tech!

Link to the Seagate Hard Drive here. Link to Plex is here.

Let me know in the comments if you have used Plex, have a home server, want videos on the process, etc!

I bought this awesome new Switch accessory!

So I was looking online for some accessories for the Switch and I came across this light up dock. When I look at it, it was sold out and like $36 from other vendors. So I started searching everywhere for it and finally found it on GameStop’s website. I wanted to buy it but I wasn’t very fond of paying the $6 shopping charge. So I waited until Amazon and it in stock.

A few days go by and then!

I saw it for $19.99 with free prime shipping so I quickly added it to my cart and confirmed my order. I got it in today and I immediately set it up when I got home and I love it! One of best accessories for the Switch.

Here are some pictures of the light up dock. Mind you I only took pictures of the Zelda faceplate, but there is a Mario odyssey one as well. The LEDs change color to about 8-9 different colors and there is another button for some cool animations, nothing too crazy. Link for the item is below as well.

Here’s the link for the item-Nintendo Light Up Dock.

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So I bought a Nintendo Switch..

I finally broke down and did it. I purchased a Nintendo Switch. I’ve wanted one since Nintendo announced it but never really could see myself playing it. With all the great reviews the games have been getting and me wanting to get back into handheld gaming, I decided to start looking. I found some good deals online the other day so I pulled the trigger and bought one. I purchased the all gray console and joycons.

The Switch should be here tomorrow, so I will do an unboxing video and take some pics of it when I get it! I already bought a few things on amazon and eBay for it which came in today. I only purchased two games for it as of right now, which are two obvious ones, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.