MLB The Show 17 Review

MLB The Show 17 Review

So here is the review for MLB The Show 17. As all reviews, I’ll go through 4 categories, presentation/game modes, gameplay, graphics, and single player/online play. At the end, I’ll add the points up and give you a final score and provide you my opinion of the game and if it’s worth $60 or not. Each category will be scored on a scale through 1-10, 10 being the highest. At the end of the review, I’ll add the score up and give you the total and my recommendation for the game

Presentation/Game Mode

There’re 4 modes in this year’s version, not including online and single player play. Diamond Dynasty, Road To The Show (RTTS), Franchise and the all new Retro Mode. Diamond Dynasty is back and bigger than before. They added new features and ways to play in Diamond Dynasty. RTTS is the best mode in MLB The Show in my opinion and has been improved upon since last year’s version. They included a lot more customizations for your character whether it be your face, hairstyle, or batting stance. Franchise mode is also a fan favorite and one of my go-to game modes. Choosing a team and having full control over it, while winning a world series with “your” team is so satisfying. The new Retro Mode is fun but nothing much to it besides basic controls and memories from old school baseball games. Single player is also fun and even better with friends. My friends who aren’t even baseball fans enjoyed some time in the game. Online play, in the beginning, it was shaky with the server issues but they have recently been fixed and I haven’t encountered a problem since. I even share played the game with a few friends and didn’t encounter a single problem. The graphics held up fine and there weren’t any framerate drops.

Score: 9 out of 10


The Show’s gameplay is good. It is the same as last years and there’re several ways to play if you don’t like using the “R” stick to hit and throw. The buttons are my favorite while having the hitting on dynamic difficulty. The hitting is tough especially in RTTS where your guy might not be all that great at hitting. The minors are easy but if you get called up to the majors with low hitting, be aware, you will struggle. I chose SS and 2B in RTTS. The fielding was excellent and didn’t encounter any glitches or frame rate drops. The slow-motion of the diving and jumping were a bit annoying but nothing that really took away from the gameplay. The commentary is better than last years but very repetitive at times. The music is bland and I always end up turning on Spotify after several minutes of playing.

Score: 8 out of 10


The Show’s graphics are FANTASTIC. I have never seen graphics this good in a sports game, and I have played many, except for NHL. The stadiums look exactly like their real-life counterparts. The lighting and day/night games are great. The players look real and lifelike. I can’t say enough about the graphics in this game. Even the computer-generated players look real and have a sense of realization to them. San Diego Studios did a great job this year with character animations and visuals.

Score: 10 out of 10

Overall Score

Score: 9 out of 10

Worth $60?

MLB The Show 17 is worth $60 if you’re a baseball fan or even just a sports fan. Even if you aren’t a sports fan and you have a PS4 you should give it a try. It’s rare it’ll be on sale this soon but if it is, jump on the sale price!