E3 Reviews are coming!

What’s up everyone, sorry about the delay in getting these reviews up from E3. It has been a crazy week and I haven’t had much time (I did finally finish Detroit: Become Human).

Over the weekend I will wrap up all the posts and videos I am working on about E3. I will have probably one PlayStation video up on YouTube by the end of the weekend along with at least 4-5 blog posts.

Once again I am sorry about the delay but don’t worry, the content is coming!

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Plex Video Part 1

What’s up guys,

I just uploaded the first part of the Plex mini-series I’m doing on YouTube. The video talks about this project and what I will be using to make my media server work, and the software I’m using. The link to the video is below so please watch, like, share and subscribe!

Link to video!

If there’s something that’s bad or good about the video let me know so I can get better!

The second part will hopefully be out by Friday night, so stay tuned for that.

I bought this awesome new Switch accessory!

So I was looking online for some accessories for the Switch and I came across this light up dock. When I look at it, it was sold out and like $36 from other vendors. So I started searching everywhere for it and finally found it on GameStop’s website. I wanted to buy it but I wasn’t very fond of paying the $6 shopping charge. So I waited until Amazon and it in stock.

A few days go by and then!

I saw it for $19.99 with free prime shipping so I quickly added it to my cart and confirmed my order. I got it in today and I immediately set it up when I got home and I love it! One of best accessories for the Switch.

Here are some pictures of the light up dock. Mind you I only took pictures of the Zelda faceplate, but there is a Mario odyssey one as well. The LEDs change color to about 8-9 different colors and there is another button for some cool animations, nothing too crazy. Link for the item is below as well.

Here’s the link for the item-Nintendo Light Up Dock.

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Bought an iPad Pro for $299!!

So I’ve been wanting an iPad for while now. I’ve been wanting one since the iPad airs came out. I never really could see myself buying one though because I have a laptop and an iPhone 7 plus. I figured those could do me justice and wouldn’t ever use it. I tried my brothers iPad out while I was with him for a week and I grew on it. It’s like having a computer and a phone in your hands. It’s a great piece of tech and definitely, makes it easier to do things on the bigger screen rather than my phone. So once I got back I started looking around and checking deals on websites. I was looking at the new 2017 iPad, the iPad mini, a refurbished iPad Air 2 and even iPad Pros. I didn’t know what I wanted but I liked the bigger screen on my brothers 9.7″ iPad Air 2. I liked how light it was too. It was a little heavier in a case but not by much.

I was in Wal-Mart the other day and was walking by electronics and saw an iPad Pro on clearance. So I walked over to it and looked at it and it was a gold 9.7″ 32GB iPad Pro, for $299. Yes, $299 for an iPad Pro that’s barely a year old. That’s cheaper than any iPad on the market. It was brand new in shrink wrap still and knew I couldn’t miss out on that deal. I knew I had to buy it. I quickly grabbed an electronics associate and purchased it. When I got home I quickly went on Amazon and ordered a smart case and a glass screen protector for it.

Two days later I received my smart case and glass screen protector. So it was time to open up the iPad and turn it on. I immediately put the smart case and screen protector on and then set it up. I did an unblocking video, which you can be found below or here.

 Update-2 days later

It’s been two days since I turned this bad boy on and I love it. I’ve been using it all the time. Granted I still have to get familiar with it, especially in regards to typing on it. The screen is gorgeous and it’s super fast. I think the next thing I’m going to buy for it is the Apple Pencil, it looks awesome, got great reviews, and will definitely be easier to take notes in class.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, or anything else you want to say!